Building a Strong Foundation — How to Create and Maintain an Effective Application Security Program

Chevon Phillip
2 min readDec 15, 2022
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As businesses increasingly rely on digital technologies and applications to support their operations and interact with customers, the need for adequate application security has never been greater. Unfortunately, many organizations need help to take control of their application-specific vulnerabilities and implement and maintain effective application security programs.

According to a recent study, over 80% of organizations have experienced a security breach due to a weakness in their application security. This has led to significant financial losses and reputational damage for many businesses, as well as increased regulatory scrutiny and legal liabilities.

Organizations must take a holistic and proactive approach to application security to address these challenges. This involves establishing a clear set of policies and standards, implementing secure coding practices, conducting regular security assessments and testing, and continuously monitoring and improving the security of their applications.

One of the key challenges in implementing an effective application security program is securing the support and commitment of all stakeholders, including senior leadership, IT and security teams, and developers. This requires clear communication and collaboration across the organization, as well as adequate resources and budget allocation.

Another critical aspect of building and maintaining an effective application security program is staying up-to-date with the latest security threats and best practices. This involves regularly monitoring industry trends and updates, attending conferences and events, and participating in professional organizations and communities.

Organizations can consider implementing a dedicated application security team or hiring specialized security consultants to support and maintain an effective application security program. This team can implement and manage the program, conduct security assessments and testing, and provide training and guidance to developers and other stakeholders.

In summary, building and maintaining an effective application security program is essential for organizations that want to protect their assets and reputation from security threats and vulnerabilities. By implementing proven industry methods and securing the support of all stakeholders, organizations can create a strong and resilient foundation for their application security efforts.



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